ALBUM: Ke$ha – Animal

Release Date: February 1st, 2010
Label: Sony Music


Everyone who’s not living under rock and their dogs are familiar with Ke$ha‘s chart-bothering hit ‘Tik Tok’, even if commonly thought to be too similar to Lady Gaga‘s ‘Just Dance’ in the chorus line. Regardless of which after featuring in other mainstream artist’s songs as a guest vocalist or in their music videos, this young American party girl finally releases her debut full-length, appropriately titled ‘Animal’.

Now if this animal was shaggy, unclean, and difficult to love then it’s perfectly inter-twinned with the record’s content. Opener ‘Your Love Is My Drug’ brings delightful bouncy electro-pop capable of filling-up even the biggest of dance floors, and most of the first half of this lazy album isn’t much different. The infectiously brain looping ‘Blah Blah Blah’, the spite spitting ‘Kiss N Tell’ and ‘Backstabber’, and of course the chart-topping ‘Tik Tok’ tick all the boxes for pop success. However, this album seems to have been crafted for a strong start and leaving lazy, bland and half-finished pickings for the end.

The more rock-driven ‘Party In A Rich Dude’s House’ is presented in a dampened demo quality which just doesn’t blend well with the rest of the album’s production, ‘Stephen’ has a cringe-worthy lyrical direction and immatureness not necessary or fitting for what potential this album could’ve had, and ‘Dinosaur’ remains a yet another wasted effort that could’ve been executed a bit better with it’s fun yet offensive message of the elderly. On their own these songs could work very well, but with their placing and quality in this record they just don’t go together, and leaves a confused and somewhat rushed feeling to what ‘Animal’ could’ve really been with a little more thought and consideration in mind.

The songs are fun and ‘Animal’ has great potential for the first few songs of electro-pop delights, subjects of partying and having a good time, but it just doesn’t cut it the way it could’ve done with a little more time put into it. Maybe that dollar in her name could’ve gone to better use.

Written by Zach Redrup