ALBUM: Kamikaze Girls – Seafoam

Release Date: June 9th 2017
Label: Big Scary Monsters
Website: None available


‘Seafoam’ is the debut album from Leeds/London duo Kamikaze Girls, and with it the bar for future releases has already been set very, very high. The album tackles issues such as depression and anxiety, and, despite being lyrically focused on such gloomy aspects, this album is fairly upbeat.

The album kicks off with ‘One Young Man’, a track which consists of a very grungy Wolf Alice feel throughout, before following up with single, ‘Berlin’. It’s hard to believe that there’s only two members in the band with the amount of noise that’s made.

The album spans a wide range of genres, from “sad music” (as the band label themselves), to flares of pop-punk, to punk rock, etc., which is displayed strongly in tracks like ‘Teenage Fever’.

‘Weaker Than’ starts off a little bit differently to the cuts on offer here. It’s a little slower, and consists of layered guitars and some beautifully honest lyrics about what seems to be a suicide attempt.

Though it holds really strong and formidable to begin with, the second half of ‘Seafoam’ seems to make the album feel like it loses a little bit of steam, however, it still manages to stand as one of the most impressive debut releases that 2017 has seen thus far.

Kamikaze Girls will be one to watch for the future, for sure.

Written by Callum Griffin (@CalGriffinn)