ALBUM: Jungle Rot – Terror Regime

Release Date: March 19th, 2013
Label: Victory Records


Approaching 20 years in the death metal game, Jungle Rot have returned with an impressive seventh full-length album and seem to show no signs of stopping soon. ‘Terror Regime’ marks the band’s second release since signing with Victory Records, so it’s no surprise that it follows on exactly where 2011’s ‘Kill On Command’ left us.

The problem with Jungle Rot being metal as fuck is that it can become slightly monotonous. The new Victory Records era of the band has influenced the music to be vaguely less brutal with the introduction of some groove riffs, which might even rid them of repetitive Bolt Thrower comparisons.

‘Utter Chaos’ sees Dave Matrise tone down his extremely low voice to give a clearer higher scream over the usual shredding and double pedal, which makes a big difference. However, many of the songs here are more or less interchangeable. Opening tracks ‘Voice Your Disgust’ and ‘Terror Regime’ are great stand alone tracks, but are far too similar one after the other.

The best track on the album comes in the shape of ‘Blind Devotion’, a well structured guitar riff and vocals juxtaposition before a spine-chilling solo steals the show. Showcasing their music through aggression is the name of the game with closer ‘Pronounced Death’, which kills the album off for good with a monster breakdown.

Jungle Rot have become a household name in death metal over the last decade, with Matrise‘s iconic growl being instantly recognisable by any fan of the genre, and with the band more inclined to play newer material at live shows this year, it’s encouraging to see the band progress rather than just sit back and rely on the critical success of ‘Skin The Living’ and ‘Slaughter The Weak’.

This isn’t the Wisconsin metalheads’ best work, but if you’re looking for heavy breakdowns to bang your head so hard it hurts to, then you know you can always count on Jungle Rot.

Written by Michael Heath