ALBUM: John Coffey – The Great News

Release Date: May 11th 2015
Label: V2 Records


The furiously post-hardcore John Coffey have exploded in their homeland of Netherlands thanks to their heavy rock ‘n’ roll and Southern attitude producing some of the best music to come out of Europe over the last few years. Their influences are clear and indisputable as sounds of Every Time I Die, Refused, and The Ghost Of A Thousand blast through, but the added creativeness of trumpet riffs and back-up harmonies makes John Coffey as exciting as it gets. But, does ‘The Great News’ live up to the standards that ‘Bright Companions’ set, and will it kickstart their UK career?

The melodic heaviness of this band is truly enviable, and there are too many moments to count on the album that make you throw your head back in awe. Even on ‘Break Your Neck’ alone you can lose count. Whether it’s the stuttering “B-b-b-b” start that unexpectedly throws you into the action, or the a capella group vocals at the end that will haunt your memory for days, the band don’t give you a second to rest, and test your musical intrigue at all times.

‘Jean Trompette’ is a slow trumpet interlude that acts solely as a lead-in to the excellent ‘Heart Of A Traitor’ that contains a serious sing-along chorus, but yet has the punch that’s needed to maintain the strength that makes them a heavy band. The choruses keep coming and coming right into the depth of the album; most bands would be happy to have one lead single on a record as good as the ones in ‘J.T. Davis’, ‘All Horses’, or ‘The Sinking Ship’.

Make it your duty to listen to John Coffey; they deserve every success that comes their way. Their competence in all areas is compelling, and is easily perceived on any one track you randomly choose. ‘Echo’ is a fast hardcore track that starts with a rough and heavy intro as a nod back to their debut ‘Vanity’, but still has the precision to hit the melody when needed, and opener ‘Eagle Chasing Flies’ demonstrates fancy Southern guitar twang with an outro that you’d expect to hear to close a record.

‘The Great News’ continues the consistency that the Dutch audience require from John Coffey, and it’s time that we prepare for the invasion because, if there’s any justice in the music world, then it is coming.

Written by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)