ALBUM: iwrestledabearonce – Ruining It For Everybody

Release Date: July 26th, 2011
Label: Century Media Records


iwrestledabearonce have always sounded like what the brain of a paranoid schizophrenic taking magic mushrooms must feel like, and with ‘Ruining It For Everybody’ it’s no different. Their strange mash-up of crushingly heavy breakdowns, jazz and swing with elements of grindcore and electronica once again combine for an unsettling, migraine-inducing, heavy-as-fuck listen. Saying that though, this album has got a more straightforward structure to its tracks than their self-titled EP and debut full-length, ‘It’s All Happening’, and because of this, the songs aren’t as much of a chore to listen to as they could sometimes be before. But, it’s still an album you won’t want to listen to with a blinding hangover, you’ve got to sit back and listen to digest what’s going on here to appreciate this weird amalgamation.

It’s hard to think of a band whose sound is so mental. Opener ‘Next Visible Delicious’ is as absurd as its name. It starts with a bouncy dance-esque synth, but then Krysta Cameron‘s startlingly powerful screams mould the song into a straight-up deathcore track. The chugging, miserable riffs ensure that you don’t lose touch with the metal division that’s a big part of the band’s sound, but the off-tune, outlandish keys plague your ears with the constantly changing sound the band strive for.

‘It Is “Bro” Isn’t It?’ has an ugly, mean riff to start things off. It’s somewhat similar to Trigger The Bloodshed and Napalm Death, but that soon fades away for a more simple, strummed riff. It’s the least technical song on offer here, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Cameron‘s bleak, uncompromising vocal style determines this song to be a deathcore song, and the uncomplicated, chugged riffs make it more obvious that the band can play a song without melting into other genres if they want to.

It goes without saying that the title ‘Karate Nipples’ is enough to make you think what the fuck? The music only makes that worse. It’s a proper blend of genre-mash-ups, breakdown is crushingly heavy and the gang chanting is also used to good effect here. Cameron‘s voice instantly digresses from visceral obscenity to ethereal loveliness at times, more so than other tracks, and even though the music won’t fit into any genre properly, the song still manages to work. Just.

If you didn’t enjoy iwrestledabearonce before, then this album will do nothing to change your mind. It’s more or less the same stuff they’ve been playing for years now, and you either appreciate it or think it’s a total mess. Either way, you’ve still got to give the band their dues with the sheer creativity they come up with in their songs, and notably with their song titles too.

Written by Rhys Milsom