ALBUM: Invent, Animate – Everchanger

Release Date: August 26th, 2014
Label: Tragic Hero Records


Nature inspired metalcore? Now there’s something I bet you’ve never heard of before. Even though fresh faced five-piece Invent, Animate hail from Port Neches, Texas, they dream of luscious green landscapes bathed under the gleaming moon. ‘Everchanger’ is album #1, and it’s enough to make you go vegetarian.

Straight from the album cover, depicting a bright being in a midnight wood, ‘Everchanger’ goes with the natural theme in every sense of the word. The record is clearly designed to be blasted through your headphones as you wander through a new environment in the dead of night.

Tracks like ‘Luna’ and ‘Moon Phase’ go for a more out of this world approach, with mazy guitars plucking away sounds from another universe. ‘Forest Haven’ and ‘Naturehold’ are more green-orientated. There’s a common theme on every song on ‘Everchanger’ though, and that is the juxtaposition of the heavy, chugging backing track. It’s something that ERRA have championed in recent years, creating chaotic yet beautiful polyrhythms.

Vocalist Ben English‘s broad spectrum has to be applauded; part Bring Me The Horizon, part Northlane, part birthed from thunder. It’s constantly showcased, notably on ‘The Desperate Are The Calm’, stretching from passionate bleats to powerful lows. The vocals are only one fifth of a clearly defined band structure though, further extending to Trey Celaya‘s drumwork, Caleb Sherraden‘s bassing, and the dual guitars of Logan Forrest and Keaton Goldwire.

Invent, Animate are a band that really deserve more credit than they’ve received. ‘Everchanger’ is a belter of a record that pulls you in with a soft exterior, and then traps you inside its pummeling intensity. It may be, however, that Ivent, Animate‘s sound is too niche, and that’s why they haven’t garnered more of a response. This a band that needs support, and one that is bubbling under the radar ready to explode.

Written by MG Savage (@MGSavagewriter)