ALBUM: Intronaut – Habitual Levitations

Release Date: March 19th, 2013
Label: Century Media Records


Off-time, sludgy and heavy come Intronaut with their forth full-length studio offering, ‘Habitual Levitations’. Album opener, ‘Killing Birds With Stones’, is sonically confusing in the greatest way possible. Staggered, jagged and entirely off-beat, the melodiousness of the vocals is haunting and oddly soothing in a Mastodon-esque kind of manner; a perfect way in which to open a progressive metal.

Oddball, ‘The Welding’, ties in nicely with the groove-driven ruggedness of ‘Steps’, a nice Red Fang-styled vibe runs throughout, until the track drops down into an almost stargazing, mesmerizing instrumental section before it trails off and into the Alice In Chains-styled ‘Sore Sight For Eyes’.

‘Harmonomicon’ is a spikey, bass-heavy offering, beautiful in melody with a grungy tinge that roughens the buoyancy of the almost sparkly guitar sections and the down-paced subtlety before ‘Eventual’ kicks in, which is almost embarrassingly identical to ‘Children Of The Grave’ by Black Sabbath. This aside, the track is strong, powerful and heavy as sin. Riffs galore tear through before the calming, laid back ‘Blood From A Stone’ makes its way towards our ears, all hypnotic and trance-like. This is definitely refreshing and a sort of welcome break from an extremely progressive-based full-length.

The record closes on ‘The Way Down’, an almost nine minute epic reminder in which we perpetually think, “Why the fuck are this band so underrated?”. They’d be at home on tour with bands such as Mastodon, Red Fang and British newbies, Empress. It’s an interesting, inventive and brave record. Intronaut have definitely succeeded in keeping the attention of a listener throughout the course of ‘Habitual Levitations’.

Written by L.E.D.