ALBUM: InMe – The Pride

Release Date: February 20th, 2012
Label: Graphite Records


InMe are one of, if not the most underappreciated band in Britain today. They’re consistently good live and haven’t put out a bad record to date. Quite frankly, they should have a far bigger following that they currently do. Having said that, I for one love the fact they still play in small and intimate clubs and venues. If they’re not putting on an epic show somewhere, then they’re busy writing or working on their side-projects.

‘The Pride’ picks up right where ‘Herald Moth’ left off, continuing with an ambient and almost science fiction like sound present on the opening tracks. Take ‘Moonlit Seabed’, starting off like any other InMe song, an emotive soft verse leading into a powerful and bold chorus. And then, from out of nowhere, comes this technical hardcore-like breakdown with a keyboard riff over it that seems to have come fresh from the Nintendo dimension. On paper it sounds odd, but it sounds pretty damn good on record (and sounds a little like an Enter Shikari song).

Amongst these sci-fi/Atari like songs, there’s a hefty collection of bloody good InMe songs. You’ve got the powerful rocks songs like ‘Silver Womb’ and ‘Reverie Shores’, the likes of which that were found on 2007’s ‘Daydream Anonymous’. Then you’ve got the soft yet moving acoustic-esque stuff, like ‘Escape To Mysteriopa’ that’s usually present in frontman Dave McPherson‘s solo work. Not to mention the stupidly catchy songs like ‘A Great Man’.

InMe are forever pushing their musical boundaries, just take a listen to ‘Pantheon’ and you’ll see what I mean. It has this awe inspiring intro, like it’s something from a feature film before it launches into this technical masterpiece. Then there’s Dave‘s voice; although there are no growls on this album, he makes up for with all the sheer power his lungs can master, and you know he’ll be able to pull it off live as well.

All in all, this is yet another immense album from this Essex quartet. They have an amazing ability to progress musically while still giving the fans what they crave. If you’re unfamiliar with InMe, then you are a fool and you should rectify this immediately.

Written by Andrew Roberts

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