ALBUM: In This Moment – Blood

Release Date: August 13th, 2012
Label: Century Media Records


Female fronted metal outfit In This Moment return with their bold new offering, ‘Blood’. Now, before I listen to it, I’m guessing this album is going to be more hard rock than metalcore. I think I have spotted a trend with ITM releases. Their first album, ‘Beautiful Tragedy’, was heavy as fuck, second album ‘The Dream’ was a little tamer and their previous album ‘A Star-Crossed Wasteland’ was again, heavier than a lead anvil on a neutron star. Upon listening to ‘Blood’, my initial prediction was correct.

Opener ‘Rise With Me’ lulls you into a false sense of security, with a keyboard quietly playing a soft melody as Maria Brink sings over it, all the while it progressively gets louder. You think it’s building to some catastrophic and chaotic overly-distorted riff, but instead it just fades into nothing like a dying dog taking its last few limping steps. Not exactly the greatest of opening tracks, but not to worry, as the rest of the album makes up for it.

Although, there are one or two songs that just sound odd though, an example of which is ‘Whore’. It has lightly-distorted, bouncy, palm muted riff that sounds like it’s from a Zebrahead song whilst Maria pours her heart out and screams violently over the top. It’s a nice juxtaposition that works well for this song. I never, ever thought that I would use that word outside of a GSCE English class.

This is the heaviest that the female card has been played by ITM, with the majority of lyrics around lead singer Maria Brink being the source of someone’s infatuation or just about being a bit of a tease, with lyrics such as “I’m a dirty, dirty girl / I want it filthy”. Even the album cover depicts just her and a few masked women, no other band members. I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve it though. Hell, her screams are better than most of the male vocalists out there and then there is her actual singing voice too. But, this is often the case with female fronted band, the rest of the band just gets pushed to the back and sometimes ignored completely.

‘Blood’ has had a phenomenal amount of post-production and electronic sounds intertwined within the songs on the album, making it an interesting step forward for the band. Whilst some fans may get a little pissy about the use of effects, I think it’s a good progression and that trying something new has paid off well for them. The 30 second interludes are a bit annoying and there are one or two tracks which are a bit dull and unimaginative (‘From The Ashes’ for example), but other than that, ‘Blood’ is a solid album.

If you haven’t heard In This Moment before, I would recommend listening to their second album ‘The Dream’ first before listening to this, as it will make you appreciate it a lot more. This is the ‘softest’ album that In This Moment have done and whilst I like what they have done, I (and I imagine many others) prefer them when they are making heavy-as-fuck metal music.

Written by Andrew Roberts

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