ALBUM: Imminence – This Is Goodbye

Release Date: March 31st 2017
Label: SharpTone Records
Website: None available


With the release of their new album, Imminence bring a unique and diverse sound to the rock scene. ‘This Is Goodbye’ is an accomplished piece of work from the Swedish band, which combines the influences from alternative and rock musical styles.

While the band have faced inevitable criticism for leaving their heavier sound in the past, this album shouldn’t be disregarded with the usual label of a “heavy band turned mainstream”. The new sound is refreshing, and if you’re into original styles, or if simply feel like a jolt of something new, ‘This Is Goodbye’ will not disappoint.

Anthemic choruses, particularly on the record’s title-track, dominate the album. They’re the kind of songs that wouldn’t be out of place in an arena. Alongside ‘This Is Goodbye’, ‘Up’ is another stand-out, based on its chant-like, catchy chorus. The nature of these songs make the album pass by like a collection of classic hits, which are sonically tailor made for a great live performance.

There are some tastefully melodic moments peppering the album too. On ‘Broken Love’, there’s clean, arpeggio guitar picking, alongside some impressive falsetto vocals from Eddie Berg on ‘Daggers’. The unique use of falsetto vocal styles on this heavy, alternative album capture the frontman’s artistic qualities. Berg, who is also a video director, brings a creative flair to the sound of this album, giving it an originality and an interesting vibe.

Aside from the catchy melodies, there’s the heavier aspects of the album. Distorted guitars blend well with synth throughout different songs, especially on ‘Keep Me’. The song begins with a heavy pounding bass. A rhythmic-like, energetic drum beat accompanies; a driving force that never tires as the album progresses. The song brings to head some deep emotion in its lyrics, “Don’t know how I can breathe, ’cause you’re my oxygen”, which is highlighted by vocal harmonies. The vocal effects are a credit to the album’s production, which gives Imminence a distinct and full sound.

With attention to detail on its production, ‘This Is Goodbye’ has a strong ambiance. Overall, the album provides a cohesive mix of different musical styles. The combination of alternative and heavier influences results in a dynamic range of each song on the album, marking this an impressive release from Imminence.

Written by Annie Slinn (@annie7x)