ALBUM: Ice Nine Kills – Every Trick In The Book

Release Date: December 4th 2015
Label: Fearless Records


Although not without a certain whiff of novelty, Ice Nine Kills have delivered a rather unique proposition with ‘Every Trick In The Book’, each track based on and characterized by a classic literary tale. Spanning Victorian spine-tinglers (‘Dracula’), dystopian political satire (‘Animal Farm’) and contemporary horror (‘Carrie’), a novel concept (haha) it may be, yet it is the familiar strains of melodramatic metalcore polish and big orchestral flourishes which prove the record to be far from a gimmick.

Indeed, it would be all too easy for a band such as Ice Nine Kills to find themselves disappear into a chug ‘n’ croon cul-de-sac, yet there is a tangible air of ambition with the Boston four piece, a fearless refusal to compromise on either side of the sweet/savage coin which sees ‘Every Trick In The Book’ a frequently thrilling piece of work. We veer from the almost Panic! At The Disco-esque theatrics of opener ‘The Nature Of The Beast’, ‘The Plot Sickens’ low slung violence and the wide-screen melodies of ‘Star Crossed-Enemies’, and despite an underlying feeling that it has all been done before, the ear-burrowing hooks and surprisingly unhinged aggression (‘Hell In The Hallways’, ‘Me Myself & Hyde’) are ruthlessly crafted and quite irresistible.

The overblown symphonic bluster will no doubt see purists run for the hills, yet the fact remains that ‘Every Trick In The Book’ is a stirringly potent and emphatically executed offering from a band with a knack for producing genuinely stonking anthems, and the confidence to pull off a little arty pomp among the metalcore blueprint. Bravo Ice Nine Kills.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)