ALBUM: I Am The Avalanche – Wolverines

Release Date: March 17th, 2014
Label: I Surrender Records


Riding the tide of the consistently active pop-punk scene in recent years, New York outfit I Am The Avalanche have offered up their third full-length record. Not breaking convention, but certainly not pushing the envelope either, I Am The Avalanche present a record that is simply harmless and consistent in its exploits.

The essential pop-punk record is filled with melodic and pace filled guitars, layered over with harmonic vocals and a straight forward lyrical subject matter that will resonate with its audience. This formula has yet to sufficiently develop over the years, but I Am The Avalanche aren’t afraid to use something that, to them, isn’t broken.

Vocalist Vinnie Caruana‘s performance is consistent throughout ‘Wolverines’; his gritty punk vocals lead prominent tracks such as ‘Two Runaways’ and ‘The Shape I’m In’. Musically, I Am The Avalanche, as aforementioned, decide to use the natural formula of guitars that compliment the melody and drum performances that don’t lead up for the length of the record. This composition of energetic musical performance and consistency effectively gives the band a head start in creating an enjoyable record.

Though the band attempts a somewhat atypical punk style, it’s fortunate to experience them throw in the odd stylistic change to spice up the sound. For instance, tracks such as ‘Where Were You’ see the guitarist compliment Caruana‘s melody with a slide guitar tag after each chorus, something which wouldn’t be out of place on a contemporary alternative rock band song.

Even though the band never compromises with the sound of this record, the fact of the matter is it’s essentially harmless. Lyrical subject matters such as putting your heart and soul into a relationship, or letting someone know that they know nothing about your background may sound the bread and butter of pop-punk lyricism, but they don’t particularly become irritable during this record.

Granted, I Am The Avalanche have effectively made a standard pop-punk record and rock record for that matter. However, the process of not fixing something that isn’t broken has worked in this instance. Due to the band putting in consistent performances in such areas as songwriting, vocal delivery and guitar part compositions, ‘Wolverines’ has developed into a solid record. Giving their sound a shot in the arm may have being desirable in some instances, but it isn’t essential when you can put in a solid effort musically and still deliver.

Written by Calv Robinson