ALBUM: I Am The Avalanche – Avalanche United

Release Date: October 11th, 2011
Label: Xtra Mile Recordings


It’s been six years since I Am The Avalanche burst onto the scene with ‘I Surrender’, and after all of the problems this band have had with record labels etc., the title of the long awaited follow up could not be more fitting: ‘Avalanche United’.

Opener ‘Holy Fuck’ would provide that reaction for most people listening to this band for the first time; this appears to be melodic, but slightly aggressive pop-punk at its very finest. Vinnie Caruana‘s vocals and lyrics are equally perfect, “I care too much, too much to leave”, simple, but very effective, and this is definitely hearty pop-punk with a ribbon on top. ‘Avalanche United’ could not be a more apt title, this band seem tighter than ever, the backing vocals are immaculate, the drum beats set the rhythm perfectly, the guitar riffs are just beautifully melodic and catchy and this is the theme for the rest of this album.

‘Brooklyn Dodgers’ and ‘Amsterdam’ are two of the most infectious songs you will hear in a long time, one listen to these and you’ll be singing along for days. I Am The Avalanche sound like a very well-worked blend of The Gaslight Anthem and The Ramones. The tempo of this album is very controlled, but the energy and emotion can’t be questioned; what we have here are five men from Brooklyn, New York, who know exactly what they are doing – this is nostalgic and meaningful punk. Every song is a stand out song. ‘This One’s On Me’ has all the makings of any legendary rock song, the guitar riffs here are just incredible, with following song ‘Dead Friends’ being carried along with an undeniably killer drumbeat. This is a band who have talent in abundance, both in their ability and in their songwriting, ‘The Gravedigger’s Argument’ and ‘Casey’s Song’ are just two of the most melodic punk songs kicking about in the past twenty years.

This is one of those albums which holds unlimited potential, close to perfection. Given the right chance, it will be I Am The Avalanche‘s breakthrough piece, and deservedly so; every song is a stand out, and let’s just hope it isn’t another six years before they release another like this.

Written by Gary Cassidy