ALBUM: Huntress – Static

Release Date: September 25th 2015
Label: Napalm Records
Website: None available


Witchy, heavy, and all round entertaining, California’s Huntress have been one of the slightly less innovative, but definitely more interesting, bands to rise through metal’s underground in recent years. Since their debut ‘Spell Eater’, which hosted a brilliant collection of trad metal with small black metal-esque influences, Jill Janus has proven herself a great songstress and formidable band leader (even filling in vocals for Amon Amarth once). However, while their third album ‘Static’ is okay, it’s just not as good as the first two. It’s just a bit… well… static.

To quote the dictionary, it really is “lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in an undesirable or uninteresting way”. This record doesn’t take us anywhere new or exciting, it’s just Huntress doing less interesting songs. It’s still a decent record if you want some classic metal with wailing vocals (she can REALLY wail), and it’s definitely not the instrumentals that let this album down.

Janus still reaches incredible highs and creates the occasional scathing screech with her voice, and the rhythm constantly feels like Iron Maiden‘s galloping pace combined with raw thrash riffs. It’s an undoubtedly competent metal release, but far from Huntress‘ best work.

What brings this record below Huntress‘ previous output is the uninteresting songwriting. While previous albums’ tracks stuck deep hooks in you and reeled you in, ‘Static’ just doesn’t grab your attention. Preceding content from this band made you look past the fact that they’re not the most innovative, because the songs were damn strong. It’s just fairly limp, exposing a very bland side of a normally interesting band.

Not all records can blow us out of the water, even the albums from bands we usually enjoy. ‘Static’ is an underwhelming album, but not necessarily an awful one. We can only wait and hope the next one pushes the band to new heights rather than reveal their lows.

Written by Jack King (@Jackingy)