ALBUM: House Vs. Hurricane – Filth

Release Date: June 2nd 2017
Label: UNFD


Returning to give it another run around the block after initially deciding to part ways back in 2013, save for a few one-off reunion shows here and there, Melbourne post-hardcore troupe House Vs. Hurricane are now equipped with their third full-length ‘Filth’, their first offering since 2012’s ‘Crooked Teeth’.

‘Filth’ is an 11-track affair which starts out fairly slow, and is fairly dull in its opening moments, taking more than enough time in getting into the vocals and sounds, which all blend into one another to make one big mess which just doesn’t work out.

The vocals from both Dan Casey and Ryan McLerie across this album don’t stand out. They’re run-of-the-mill efforts that could easily be cut and pasted from any standard post-hardcore or metalcore record, with the same tired sounding harsh vocals and at times the typical cleans that don’t have any distinct or redeemable sound to them.

The breakdowns, though carrying a formidable bite and crunch to them that really hit home when they make it right, again just emit the carbon-copy and cookie cutter nature that this record sadly delivers time and time again.

Ultimately, ‘Filth’ is an album that does nothing to help itself get noticed from the rest of the ever-growing pack of contemporaries doing the exact same thing, and in a lot of cases doing it better and with more gusto. Each song bleeds into one another, and sadly in doing so pushes House Vs. Hurricane down the ranks amongst the Australian heavy music first-picks which only a few years ago they were in the front rows for, and in turn fails to justify their need to return to the game at all.

Written by Jack Bellamy (@jackbellamy17)