ALBUM: Horizons – Not Everybody Lives

Release Date: July 16th, 2012
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Twitter: None available


Already known as a strong live touring band, Horizons have managed to capture that sound fantastic on record, as well as a lot more. ‘Not Everybody Lives’ is a great album, and especially at free download, you can’t go wrong. The main defining point of this album is the musicianship displayed, which is phoenemnal. On every listen, you discover something more.

A mulitude of time signuture and tempo changes, riffs galore, as well as showcasing a strong hardcore punk influence all help define this album as something different, going a long way to help the band define themseleves as something to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Lead vocalist James Maxwell‘s vocals are raw and unhinged (reminiscent of Heart In Hand‘s Charlie Holmes), giving that album the gritty and agressive side more associated with hardcore punk, but again, it fits so well with the rest of the album. He paticuarly stands out on track ‘An Extract’, the vocals being as raw and agressive as ever, but you feel the full emotion put into the deliverence.

Both the above features are strongly repesented on second track ‘Coastlines’, which switches from a progeressive riff filled verse, before diving headfirst into a pummeling hardcore chorus then later into a heavy breakdown. As well on ‘The Better Man’, which starts out as the heaviest track on the album, before flowing into a melodic outro, it’s the best representation of the band and easily the best track on ‘Not Everybody Lives’. However, every track stands out very strong, showcasing diverse influences and delivering something different.

The inclusion of a cleaner sounding vocals, courtesey of vocalist Alex Edwards on track ‘One More Day’, does show a new way in which the band can turn. His vocals compliment the progressiveness of the musicanship and the harshness of James Maxwell‘s vocals. Perhaps something that may be included on future releases.

Fans of bands such as Heart In Hand and The Ghost Inside will find that this album fits in perfectly with their collection, easily accessiable and something they’ll certainly enjoy. Released for free download, ‘Not Everybody Lives’ is an album that is hard to fault and therefore one you don’t want to pass up on. A band surely with great things to come in the future.

Written by Kieron Chastney