ALBUM: Hey Vanity – Blindfolds

Release Date: April 21st, 2014
Label: Small Town Records
Website: None available


Following an enjoyable release in the shape of their ‘Breathe, Bleed, Grow’ EP, Hey Vanity have gone one step further in releasing a mini-album. The British alt-rockers have brought their melodic rock formula to the full-length mark in ‘Blindfolds’, which only displays the consistency of their sound further.

Though the current crop of the British alt-rock scene, such as We Are The Ocean and Deaf Havana, are more than established, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Hey Vanity were amongst them. With such a steady formula in sound, the band have proven once again that they have found what works and aren’t ready to compromise it.

‘Blindfolds’ showcases eight tracks of Hey Vanity at their catchiest, most powerful and consistent. ‘What Have We Done’ catches vocalist Marc Halls on form as he launches into the chorus, “What have we done to deserve your silence?”. This is followed by the band dropping the mood with a hard-hitting riff in the shape of ‘Broken Artist’, while the title-track offers up a totally polar opposite rhythmic and succinct riff.

Hey Vanity clearly have an aim in mind when it comes to songwriting, and compiling a record for that matter. Rather than sounding like a band who are still carving out the relevant sound relative to the ideas that they have, Hey Vanity are clear and concise in their endeavours. ‘Blindfolds’ captures the band’s sound by following on from ‘Breathe, Bleed, Grow’, and then some. Layered with melodic garage-like guitars, powerful and controlled vocals all topped off with a sense of a tight and compact delivery from the band as a whole.

Granted, ‘Blindfolds’ is only eight tracks long and isn’t sufficient enough to judge the band on a full-length record. However, this record does fulfil the desire that’s required after listening to the band’s previous EP. It delivers on consistency, euphoria and the inherent optimism found on ‘Breath, Bleed, Grow’. Hall‘s fruitful vocals flourish again on this record, as well as the ever delivering rhythm section behind him that lays the foundations for the band.

So, once again, Hey Vanity have supplied a body of material that doesn’t disappoint. Sounding like a band that is self-aware and powerful, Hey Vanity keep knocking on the door of the current established alt-rock scene and, judging by this material’s standards, and the standard of the current scene, it shouldn’t be long until they’re leading the fray.

Written by Calv Robinson

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