ALBUM: Hellyeah – Band Of Brothers

Release Date: July 16th, 2012
Label: Eleven Seven Music


Hellyeah are a band that can only be described in three words: balls, volume, strength. New album ‘Band Of Brothers’ is just that and more. With its incredulously delectable riffs and mind blowing beats, this is one album not to be missed out on this year. This album is arguably one of the most anticipated albums of all time by Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul‘s band.

The ferociously fast ‘War In Me’ kicks off this album with an over powering start, with the scratchy roar of Chad Gray along with the twang of Greg Tribbett and Tom Maxwell‘s guitar duo, right from the get go you can tell this album is going to be nothing but spectacular, and when ‘Band Of Brothers’ starts playing, you know that’s exactly what it is. With the head banging beats throughout, this is everything that you would expect from Hellyeah and more.

‘Drink Drank Drunk’ is destined to be played live. The beats are so formidable you couldn’t stop from pitting even if you tried. With the catchy lyrics “Let’s get fucked up, ’til we fall down, everybody get drink drank drunk” you want to grab a beer and raise it high above your head as you shout along to these lyrics. Story of my life? I think so.

‘Between You And Nowhere’ is the ballad of the album, with its slow harmonious vocals and bluesy choruses, this is a song that will bring the sunshine back in your life when you think it’s lost and broken. ‘What It Takes To Be Me’ ends the album with a another typically raucous song by the band. With every instrument playing double time, you physically can’t sit still when this song is playing.

What more can you say? This is a tremendous piece of work and any fans of Hellyeah‘s previous material will not be disappointed. Hellyeah are one of those bands that are vastly underrated, but after this album, I’m confident that more people will be noticing the incredible sound that comes from every body of this band.

Written by Louisa Smith