ALBUM: Heavy Heavy Low Low – Turtle Nipple And The Toxic Shock

Release Date: August 19th, 2008
Label: Ferret Music
Rating: 6/10

Website: None available

Heavy Heavy Low Low profile

The band Heavy Heavy Low Low have never really came across as the most serious bands on the scene, in the sense that they have one of the most obscure band names to grace alternative music, and give similarly bizarre names to their songs and albums, such as their newest full-length studio album, ‘Turtle Nipple And The Toxic Shock’.

Their irradicle nature and behaviour to what they do has lost gained a lot of haters a long with many dedicated fans, some of these haters going as far as to say “they’re cancer to music”. Nevertheless, it’s hard to say with evidence that there are many other bands doing the same thing as these guys out there. Their songs are short, loud, and chaotic to put it mildly. The first proper track ‘Giant Mantis VS. Turt Nip’ pretty much bursts into their insane nature, with a timed guitar riff leading to the bombshell scream “It’s the same / It’s the same / It’s making me… smile” from the gut of lead vocalist Robert Smith. The song is then soon lead to a more funky section before another explosive moment before the end.

The loud release of ‘How Many Dad’s Must Eat Themselves?’ is a short-lived one, and is the owner of a seemingly meaningless and random track title, which can also be said for ‘R4TB3LLY’, ‘Supernova Ninja Surfers’, and ‘Rotten Church / Mall / Parking Lot’. Though this isn’t even an issue due to the experimental and irrelevance to meaning nature this band give-off in their material.

It’s criticised a lot that the band’s weakest point musically is the vocal quality and stylings of Robbie Smith, which to be fair isn’t anything near the standard you’d expect from the likes of Oliver Sykes, M Shadows, and other similar vocalists, but suits the musical style made from Heavy Heavy Low Low. Though, if anything is to put you off this record, or even this band, that would be the main point. Despite this, the vocal work has been severly improved since that of previous release ‘Everything’s Watched, Everyone’s Watching’, and with the band even claiming themselves that they were much more prepared this time and weren’t “100% ready” when recording the previous record. This statement is clearly proven by the much more polished and rehearsed sound of the songs overall on ‘Turtle Nipple And The Toxic Shock’.

If short songs lasting the average of anything from one minute to 3 minutes at the most is what floats your boat, along with random song titles and lyrical content, and music that could be heavy one minute and psychedlic the next, then Heavy Heavy Low Low should be number 1 on your ‘to hear’ list. Not the most talented band in the world, but they most certainley aren’t the most boring or overdone.

Written by Zach Redrup