ALBUM: Heart In Hand – A Beautiful White

Release Date: November 3rd, 2014
Label: Siege Of Amida/Century Media Records
Website: None available


Encapsulating a flawless pitch between breathless desperation and melodic richness, ‘A Beautiful White’ quite simply delivers the most accomplished and compelling piece of work we have seen yet from Heart In Hand, a band long since considered at the forefront of the British melodic hardcore scene.

Taking their signature dynamics and emotionally charged gusto, what sees this third full-length such an unabashed triumph is a tenfold upswing in songwriting potency. The sumptuous fretwork and scream along dramatics of ‘Mae’ and the following title-track is as an arresting one-two punch opening as we will see this year, whilst elsewhere the rollicking hardcore stomp of ‘Colours And Chemicals’ and the spin on a dime ‘News Year’s Eve’ prove to be undeniable highlights.

Indeed, ‘A Beautiful White’ weaves such a bountiful tapestry of instrumental delights and chest beating hooks that it rarely dips below stellar. ‘Regain. Recover. Reprise.’ climaxes with some utterly gorgeous guitar interplay, ‘Never Again’‘s thunderous mid-point breakdown is tailor made for that underground, basement show pile on with its “YOU ARE NOTHING! / YOU ARE NO-ONE!” refrain, and ‘Poison Pen Letters’ sees frontman Charlie Holmes at his frantically bug-eyed best.

Melancholic, majestic, abundantly frenzied and with a liberal dash of violence, for all those striving to wrestle away Heart In Hand‘s crown, ‘A Beautiful White’ represents a game changer, and will ensure they sit that MH throne just a while longer yet.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)