ALBUM: He Is We – My Forever

Release Date: December 3rd, 2010
Label: Universal Island Records


He Is We‘s debut ‘My Forever’ is an album that is sure to get you smiling. It’s an upbeat, delightful offering that will make even the worst day that little bit better. The band is made up of Rachel Taylor (singer/songwriter) and Trevor Kelly (instrumentalist/composer). Even though they may come across as another acoustic, female-fronted band to some listeners, they have enough talent and creativity to create an art form with their music that can be enjoyed by everyone.

From the catchy opener ‘Forever And Ever’ to the indie-esque ‘Fall’, every track on the album is heartening and idyllic, and this makes ‘My Forever’ an album that will appeal to both young, angst-ridden teenage girls and men who’d usually keep as far away as possible from this type of music. With lyrics like “Does she look at you the way I do? / Try to understand the words you say and the way you move? / Does she get the same big rush?/ When you go in for a hug and your cheeks brush?” and “Lovers dance when they’re feeling in love / Spotlight shining, it’s all about us / And every heart in the room will melt / This is a feeling I’ve never felt”, ‘My Forever’ contains plenty of one-liners that are sure to become anthems to a teenage girl’s life. But also, everyone can relate to the lyrics even if they do seem a bit child-like and emo-ish, because after all, everyone has been young once, and what’s wrong with releasing the child in you?

Along with the appealing lyrics, another fulfilling aspect of this album is the guest vocals of Aaron Gillespie (of The Almost and ex-Underoath) in ‘All About Us’. Adding variety to an already beguiling and winning song, the back and forth vocals of Taylor and Gillespie add a touch of endearing-ness, and even though the song can be seen as a tad cliché, it’s a cliché that works. This is because He Is We know just how to engage their listener; haunting voices, memorable instrumentals and catchy choruses.

‘Kiss Is Better’ is a track that manages to plunge you into its dramatic and ardent lyrics. They persuade you to think and imagine what is being sung, rather than just listening to them. The song is perhaps the strongest on the album, and it’s rare that a song has a first-class overall sound. It’s a simple song, but He Is We do an awesome job of building it up and keeping the listener interested.

Record closer ‘Prove You Wrong’ is a song that would almost certainly be a hit on the radio, as it has strong lyrics (again), really well-done vocals and the piano that drives the song adds a certain aspect of listenable-ness. The song is an out and out pop song and because of this, it is reminiscent of many other pop songs out there. As a result, it may not be the strongest track on the album but it is a good way to end things as it ends on a vast note: pounding drums, violins and lovely vocals.

On the whole, it’s unusual that an entire album has serene love songs, foot-tapping beats, and colossal pop ballads that, if released as singles, are sure to become huge. ‘My Forever’ is an album that has got it all to make it in the acoustic/pop/indie genre. The lush harmonies, infectious melodies, and superior instrumentation blend flawlessly with each other to keep you wanting more.

Written by Rhys Milsom