ALBUM: He Is Legend – Heavy Fruit

Release Date: August 19th, 2014
Label: Tragic Records Records
Website: None available


The deep south of America has given the world some truly incredible gifts; Jack Daniels, Kentucky Fried Chicken, True Detective and, to add to that ever growing list, ‘Heavy Fruit’. Created and crafted over the course of a year, this Wilmington quartet have developed a new form of aural LSD, designed to be taken in thirteen bite-sized chunks over the course of 60 minutes. Effects include mesmerisation, an uncontrollable urge to play air guitar and a new found respect for the returning He Is Legend.

‘Heavy Fruit’ is a solid hour of monumental hard rock and psychedelic anthems that will leave your mind blissfully spinning in a whirlpool of treacle. With more effects than a Michael Bay film, Adam Tanbouz and Matt Williams‘ guitars genuinely speak to you with the grace and sophistication of Shakespeare. These aren’t guitar solos, they’re soliloquies. Go and listen to ‘Bethozart’ and ‘Time To Stain’ if you need proof. Not since Pink Floyd has there been a band so inspired by visions beyond the comprehension of a 9 to 5 mindset.

Just to be clear, this is not an insinuation that He Is Legend have been smoking a little something for “inspiration”. The music is proof of that. The sheer complexity and clarity in their riffs and lyrics have been created with sharp and sober minds, and attempting to create something this incredible under the influence would have been impossible.

So, yes, if you’re into your stoner/sludge/psychedelic metal, then by Odin’s Raven is this an album for you. In fact, this is essential listening for any fan of rock. Each and every track is outstanding, flawlessly executed, brimming with artistic temperament and, above all, it’s just damn fine listening. The stunning vocals of Schuylar Croom are glazed over the delicious effects-laced riffs of Adam Tanbouz and Matt Williams, all of which are held together with Sam Huff‘s hypnotic yet punishing drumset, like a rack of baby ribs smothered in rich, flavoursome sauce.

Written by Andy Roberts (@Sassensquatch)

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