ALBUM: Hawk Eyes – Everything Is Fine

Release Date: February 9th 2015
Label: New Damage Records


Squaring up against current British rock revivalists as Marmozets, Royal Blood and Turbowolf, Leeds based riff machine Hawk Eyes land a seriously weighty songwriting impact on their sophomore full-length, ‘Everything Is Fine’. Their tuneful alternative bluster sifts a healthy dose of hardcore clout and primal punk ‘n’ roll sludge, not to mention numerous snatches of classic rock anthemia, into a deliciously potent melting pot of melody and muscle.

Like many of their aforementioned peers, Hawk Eyes‘ free-wheeling approach to dynamics see their songs thrum with a thrilling unpredictability. Always big on the choruses (‘Terribly Quelled’), ‘Everything Is Fine’ retains a jaunty infectiousness, all the while tossing delightful curve-balls our way in amongst the sing-a-along melee.

An eye-popping guitar solo here (‘More Than A Million’), a fierce slab of white hot riffing there (‘The Ambassador’), not to mention some almost The Dillinger Escape Plan level intensity in the title-track, and what we’re left with is a record brimming with mammoth hooks and some of the bolshiest instrumental work this side of Queens Of The Stone Age.

Yet another addition to our fair isles ever-growing roster of rock future legends, Hawk Eyes tick all the contemporary boxes with their hefty six-string wallop and considered melodic punch. ‘Everything Is Fine’ will prove a lofty benchmark for the current UK crop to surpass in 2015.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)