ALBUM: Greeley Estates – The Death Of Greeley Estates

Release Date: August 9th, 2011
Label: Tragic Hero
Website: None available


Isn’t it really annoying when you follow and support a band who expose such great potential, prowess and ability over half their hugely established peers yet your easily more talented a capable love don’t get half the exposure? Greeley Estates are one of the few post-hardcore bands who keep refreshing their style to great results, yet sadly don’t match in size of fanbase or sale numbers to some of their far more cliche peers… no names mentioned.

Prior to the release of their latest full-length ‘The Death Of Greeley Estates’, the band explained that to expect an album with the melodic qualities of 2008’s ‘Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East’ and the hard-hitting and brash force of last year’s ‘No Rain, No Rainbow’. To an extent this has most certainely been achieved, but a more accurate description would have been ‘Go West…’ v2.0, but this time the songs have had their horizons broadened and hold with them much more depth.

‘Straitjacket’ all the way through to ‘Bodies’ delivers a pretty impressive push right at the beginning of the record, bringing hit after hit of post-hardcore done with flavour and little no trace of blandness. It’s when ‘A Thousand Burning Forests’ kicks in however where the true heights of Greeley Estates are reached, displaying one of their best moments of their trademark style; haunting vocals and soaring soundscapes sculpted by the fretwork of Brandon Hackenson and David Ludlow. An emotion seems to be stirring alongside the music, and brings a sense of identity and character to it all.

‘Circle The Wagons’ also succeeds in delivering the goods. In some very rare and far between moments, frontman Ryan Zimmerman‘s voice may bring some resemblence to that of The Used‘s own Bert McCracken, but it’s tracks such as these where such talk should be cast into the wayside, as Ryan can deliver some formidable growls from his cannon of a gut. When in comparison with eerie acoustic closer ‘December’, you wouldn’t be considered a loon for thinking the track was from a completely different band. Remain calm however, it’s still very much Greeley Estates, and evidence that these guys can pull anything off to great results.

Admittedly, unlike previous releases in the Greeley Estates catalogue, ‘The Death Of Greeley Estates’ is one where the tracks stand much stronger and stirdier when played back-to-back to one another with the album as one whole body of work, as opposed to hearing a track here and there. It’s all down to personal preference whether this is considered a pro or a con, but those who have the patience to do so will find it an enjoyable length of endurance, and one with great rewards to loot along the way.

Greeley Estates have proved once more, they’re one of the most unique, refreshing and talented post-hardcore artists today. Now, when are they gonna head over to the UK?

Written by Zach Redrup

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