ALBUM: Great Cynics – Like I Belong

Release Date: April 01st, 2013
Label: Bomber Music


Kicking off the proceedings on latest full-length ‘Like I Belong’ with ‘Queen Of The Anarchists’, East London’s Great Cynics incorporate the great sounds of traditional British punk rock along and the head-nod ensuing bounce of indie to create something upbeat-sounding and fresh. ‘Letting Go’ follows in similar suit with a Sharks styled edge; timeless and relevant in equal measure, jaunty rhythm sections and a powerful yet accessible vocal style, this band could appeal to punk rock and metal fans as well as spanning the indie and maybe even the pop music spectrum.

The bounciness of ‘In My Head’ lead into the more tentatively-written ‘Ways Down’, but as the track picks up the pace, the listener gets more of an idea of the band’s initially displayed sound, melodious yet hard-hitting without being heavy. This brings us forward nicely as ‘Kingsland Roaches’ kicks in, a track that incorporates an almost tastefully styled ska-beat, akin to your traditional punk rock bands, with the likes of The Clash being at the forefront of the mind.

The short offering of ‘Goodbye Astbury Castle’ runs into ‘Younger Than Everyone’, a track that is most definitely radio-friendly as well as being ‘edgy’ and aggressive in subtle form. Tracks like ‘Feeling In My Throat’ and ‘Song For Sophie’ are polar-opposites whilst still remaining in an all-round genre. This is a difficult feat to pull off, but Great Cynics do this with ease and class, the softness and density of ‘Song For Sophie’ and the solid grit of ‘Feeling In My Throat’ combine yet contrast brilliantly.

We’re brought to the conclusion of ‘Like I Belong’ with ‘One Like You’; a love song without being horrendously cheesy can be difficult to do at times in an industry over-run with plinky-plonky, check-shirt wearing kids with acoustic guitars singing about coffee and their ‘girl’, but, yet again, Great Cynics do this without the awkwardness and cliche of all things indie. A simply brilliant record, make sure that you indulge.

Written by L.E.D.

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