ALBUM: Godsized – Time

Release Date: April 22nd, 2013
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


Some instantaneous possible thoughts when you first hear the explosive guitar riffs and melodic vocals on the opening track of this record are how much Godsized remind you of great classic-influenced rock bands like Black Stone Cherry, and how slickly retro this band sounds. Considering that, ‘Time’ is an album with ups and downs and one that may be difficult to appreciate properly on first listen.

If you had no knowledge of this band, you’d probably think they hailed from the deep south of America. But no, they’re English and are on the up and after playing Download Festival just a few years ago, you get the feeling that the band’s stock may just be on the rise. The great thing about this album that you do notice pretty quickly is the guitars. The riffs are the thread that keeps every song together, the heartbeat of the band; it’s easy to hear how much the guitar riffs on this record really keep the thing ticking along.

The vocals of frontman Glen Korner cannot be glossed over, he’s got a fantastic voice and could pass as Myles Kennedy quite easily. It isn’t just Korner‘s vocal ability though, his tone is what serves the explosive guitar riffs perfectly. There’s great variation this record, with songs like ‘Heavy Load’ and ‘Through To You’ offering up tempo riffs and something like ‘Mother’, which is an emotionally engaging track which just glides along and ends up being seven minutes of bliss.

The album is far from perfect though. Some of the songs do feel slightly cheap in terms of theme and lyrics, ‘The Bounty Hunter’ being one. It’s a track which a young teenager could have written and, even though it’s okay musically, it just doesn’t sit right with the rest of the songs. Also, the final track leaves you a little cold apart from the great guitar solo near its climax.

Godsized have produced a solid album here with ‘Time’. If you like old school rock with smashing riffs and excellent vocals, it’s the album to get. However, there isn’t a great deal here which will genuinely inspire or really make you feel something. It’s really an album that’s enjoyable, but will soon wash over you in time.

Written by Greg Spencer