ALBUM: Godsized – Heavy Lies The Crown

Release Date: March 30th 2015
Label: Unsigned


‘Heavy Lies The Crown’, the second album from UK metallers Godsized, is a breath of fresh air, overflowing with feel-good melody and powerful anthems. Possibly best described as the UK’s answer to Alter Bridge, Godsized straddle the line between rock and metal, throwing in some slightly bluesier influences to create some soulful and dynamic musical gems.

Frontman Glen Korner‘s vocals are smooth and powerful, excelling across the board, whether it’s the metal-tinged vigour of ‘Never A Better Time’, or the mellow, dulcet tones of ‘Fade’.

The guitars are a commanding presence on the record; Korner happes to also be a dab hand at fretboard wizardry, with a huge solo at every turn. Great examples include those found on tracks like ‘Do You See What I See?’ and emphatic closer, ‘Pay Your Debt’. The riff work keeps things interesting, huge lumbering and in your face one moment and shredding furiously the next, bolstered by the driving bass of Gavin Kerrigan.

Godsized are known for being a formidable live experience, and from the selection of songs at hand you can start to see why. It’s very easy to envisage yourself singing along to these rip-roaring tracks, beer in hand and head banging away, or wailing along to some of the band’s softer ballads.

‘Heavy Lies The Crown’ is a triumphant record that epitomises a true old school rock spirit; alcohol fuelled antics, outrageous guitar solos and a commanding stage presence that makes you sit up and listen. ‘Heavy Lies The Crown’ carries several messages, but none more potent than when it comes to rocking out, Godsized mean business.

Written by Ben Hammond