ALBUM: Glass Cloud – The Royal Thousand

Release Date: July 2nd, 2012
Label: Basick Records
Website: None available


Featuring Sky Eats AirplanesJerry Roush on vocals and The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza‘s Josh Travis, Glass Cloud are the latest collaborative ‘super group’ to hit the globe. Throughout ‘The Royal Thousand’, the band demonstrate pounding riffs that really showcase Josh‘s true abilities. Combined with soaring choruses, catchy hooks, Jerry‘s true ability to switch from harsh to clean vocals in a nanosecond and a diversity that’s never as effective on any band’s debut offering as it is for Glass Cloud on ‘The Royal Thousand’.

If Glass Cloud were to be introduced to a first time listener, the track to be shown first is ‘White Flag’, as this is the ideal three minute encapsulation of what Glass Cloud are. The verses are ridden with transcendent melodies and thunderous vocals, whilst the interesting song crafting includes chugging chords where you’d least expect them and clean vocals with the harshest of riffs surrounding them.

Palm-muted guitars are an inspiring touch and set Glass Cloud apart from the over-saturated groove-metal attempt artists, providing complexity and multiplicity to their material, and pushing their sound right to the edge of the acceptable barriers.

‘If He Dies, He Dies’ draws the listener into a false sense of security with thirty, steady paced instrumental section featuring a lone, melodious, clean guitar which quickly descends into chaos. Similarly, ‘Memorandum’ also begins with an extended instrumental, however, the songwriting abilities of the band are truly showcased here. Rather than resorting to volume and complexity to develop the track, it instead remains at the steady pace, taking interesting turns yet maintaining the simple yet effective drum beat that the track began with.

‘The Royal Thousand’ is a consistent album, full of twists and unexpected turns and Glass Cloud have truly stamped their mark in the metalcore scene with their debut effort. They may get overlooked for not breaking the mould a little more, but Glass Cloud have proved that you don’t have to be different to be simply astounding.

Written by Cheri Faulkner