ALBUM: Ghost Town – Evolution

Release Date: November 6th 2015
Label: Fueled By Ramen


Electronica/rock crossover outfit Ghost Town have released their third full-length LP, entitled ‘Evolution’. The three piece band hail from sunny California, and have been touring all around the States since their inception in 2012, including a few visits over to our British shores in that time too.

The band try and bring together the best aspects from these two genres, something that is becoming ever prevalent in music today. Using the back drop of electronica for the main skeleton for their songs (i.e. beats and basslines), the guitars and vocals are used to fill in the rest of the sound. On top of all of this, there are very clear pop sensibilities in the melodies and structures.

‘Spark’, the record’s lead single and opening track, kicks off with a heavy guitar riff over a fairly minimal beat. The chorus in this song is something that could easily be heard in sunny outdoor festivals as it bursts with bright synths and a catchy vocal piece.

Over the course of the nine-track album, the band don’t tend to vary from this formula very much, if at all. Quite a few of the tracks take the form of the standard verse-chorus-verse pop song. This proves for a stale listening for a while, as things never really get shaken up until the guitar riffs get funkier. ‘Loner’, for example, takes a page out of the ‘Danger Days’-era My Chemical Romance, with a guitar and synth riff coupled together to make a very enjoyable track.

The clean vocals from singer, Kevin Ghost, are undeniably similar to that of Kellin Quinn (of Sleeping With Sirens). The tenor vocals give the track vibes similar to Quinn‘s music, which may put newcomers off if they aren’t a fan of his music. While there’s no doubt that either singer are bad, and that Ghost has a lot of good performances on this LP, it could be that the music may not be best suited with the vocals.

Written by Ewan MacDonald