ALBUM: Fuckshovel – This Is What We Are

Release Date: February 18th, 2013
Label: Bias Media
Website: None available


After the huge success of bands like Bullet For My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold, there’s a new wave of bands who are trying to follow them by replicating the classic rock & metal sound that made the aforementioned bands so successful. Rising bands like Heaven’s Basement and The Defiled take the vintage style and mix it with their own to make something new, and are reaching success doing so. If a band fail to mix the formula with something new, it can feel uninspired. Fuckshovel fall into this trap, the lack of something new is a huge let down for their debut album, ‘This Is What We Are’.

Despite the supposedly ‘edgy’ name, Fuckshovel deliver us around fifty minutes forgettable hard rock songs. The album rarely keeps your attention, although you find yourself occasionally being drawn back in with half decent riffs, but only to be let down when the album starts to feel lackluster again. The two better songs on the album, ‘Black’ and ‘Long Time Dead’, are a step in the right direction, but these songs on any other album would be considered filler. Fans of bands like Jettblack and Treatment would likely find the album a tad enjoyable, but with limited replay value.

The album has a consistent rebellious and punk-like attitude, but the songs don’t have enough conviction to fuel it and make it unbelievable. It feels a bit like when your uncle has a mid-life crisis by trying to act punk rock again. Whilst the opening track ‘Germs Of An Empire’ tells us that “this is contagious” and “out of control”, the album is far from it. If anything, it’s harmless and tedious. These lyrical clichés are common, as you would expect from an album called ‘This Is What We Are’.

The main problem is that the sound the band is attempting to create is meant to be wild and dangerous, which are both traits that really doesn’t come across at all. But Fuckshovel aren’t the first to attempt this sound and make it feel a bit dull, there are much bigger bands guilty of the same thing. Fuckshovel have proved that they can play this classic style, now they need to add something to make it interesting and memorable.

Written by Jack King