ALBUM: For Today – Immortal

Release Date: May 22nd, 2012
Label: Razor & Tie Records


With so many fantastic Christian bands making music today, it’s undeniably apparent that, for the majority of outfits, religion may perhaps fuel the band to do what they do, but their faith has little impact on the quality of the music. Yet, in a small amount of cases, the overt preaching and transparent attempt to influence an audiences beliefs only serves to prove massively detrimental to a band’s overall appeal. For Today are one such band.

At a standard forty minutes in length, ‘Immortal’ all too quickly drags, playing out like a rather aggressive sermon put to a back drop of ultra derivative metalcore. Opener ‘Fearless’ limps from rehashed breakdown to monotonous chorus melody, the title-track is a feast of recycled riffing and the faux call to arms of ‘Under God’ is so hackneyed and dreary it really is unforgivable.

Not that this utterly dull collection of cut and paste tracks is not enough to endure, but the constant advocating of Christian teaching manages to sap any minuscule amount of fun that this album might have contained. The band even decided that the relentlessly moralizing lyrics weren’t sufficient to do the job, and took it upon themselves to include two songs composed entirely of over dramatic, apocalyptically fire and brimstone sound bites, which of course are entirely redundant and pad out an already lingering run time.

According to the band themselves, “For Today will stop at nothing until the name of Christ is proclaimed to the entire world”, which makes it all the more bewildering that they would employ such a stale, tired and rather unattractive form of music to achieve their ridiculous goal.

‘Immortal’ is an absolute chore to get through, and it’s insanely difficult to see how anyone could tolerate either the mediocre sound or having religion forced down their throat.

Written by Tony Bliss