ALBUM: For The Fallen Dreams – Heavy Hearts

Release Date: April 8th, 2014
Label: Rise Records
Website: None available


Have a look on at some of the similar bands to For The Fallen Dreams; The Ghost Inside, Obey The Brave and Hundredth, to name but a few. These are all excellent metalcore/melodic hardcore bands that write catchy yet punishing music. Then you’ve got For The Fallen fucking Dreams, who have decided to do away with originality on album number five and instead bring in stupid, by-the-books chugcore.

During FTFD‘s 11-year stint as a band, 25 different musicians have flown the flag for the Michigan-bred four piece. Four vocalists, seven guitarists, ten bassists, and four drummers. You can’t help but think that this instability and revolving door policy has contributed to the snore-fest that is ‘Heavy Hearts’. The 2014 iteration of FTFD sees the return of ‘Changes’-era vocalist (and one time bassist) Chad Ruhlig, who many consider to be an overall better frontman than the departing Dylan Richter. In on drums is Navid Naghdi (of Legend), while Brandon Stasny makes a rare second album appearance on bass. Jim Hocking (vocals/guitar) must feel like the Tottenham Hotspur assistant manager with all the personnel changes.

Unfortunately, despite all the changes, ‘Heavy Hearts’ makes less of an impact than Kanye West will when he fights Anderson Silva. It’s the age old story in 2014 of a band devolving to a stripped down version of their former selves. The music of ‘Heavy Hearts’ coughs and splutters into life with ‘Emerald Blue’ and never really gets going until final track, ‘Smelling Salt’, a track of actual melody.

Where will For The Fallen Dreams go from here? They can play all the zeroes for the rest of their lives as a band, but there will come a point (spoilers: right now) where they’ll need to either do something different or just give up and become milkmen.

Written by MG Savage (@MGsavagewriter)