ALBUM: Flyleaf – Flyleaf

Release Date: January 14th, 2008
Label: Octone Records
Rating: 7/10


Flyleaf profile

From the top of most people’s heads, there aren’t many female fronted bands who’ve gotten into the rock mainstream. The main ones if people know of them would be Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Paramore, and Arch Enemy, yes? Well, Flyleaf from Seattle are another one who’ve accomplished such a feat, and they’ve been around for about 8 years now.

The release of their self-titled album in the UK (the album was released in the US in late 2005) is a display of alternative metal from the Christian faith driven band. Opening track ‘I’m So Sick’ is probably the heaviest and grittiest you’ll find on the album, with a dirty bass line and angel-like vocal opening which soon turns into a burst of screaming and electric guitars. Although vocalist Lacey Mosley screams every so often, in tracks such as ‘I’m Sorry’ and ‘Breathe Today’, she does tend to use more melodic vocal harmonies than not.

Infact, their metal sound doesn’t completely dominate the entire album, and Flyleaf have moments of more solitude than others. This is shown in songs like ‘There For You’, and ‘So I Thought’, revealing a tool which was probably an essential one to help them appeal to the more mainstream audiences who scrunch their faces with disgust at anything out of their ordinary dosage.

On the point of the band being of the Christian faith, a lot of their music does display lyrically saving lives or speaking to their God. ‘All Around Me’ is full of such metaphors and other lyrical techniques, with lines like “The light is white / And I see you” and “My hands are searching for you / My arms are outstretched towards you” giving clear indication of this. ‘Cassie’ speaks of what seems a lot like girl committing suicide, but also refers to God with the chorus line “Do you believe in God / Written on the bullet / And Cassie pulled the trigger.” – a more dark and sinister side on things for this band.

Flyleaf have almost been around for getting on for 10 years, and with this release have shown a lot of talent within their area in the music. If you’re not a fan of their heavier offerings, the UK release has their songs ‘Cassie’, ‘All Around Me’ and ‘Fully Alive’ as acoustic recordings. But more likely than not, there should be no objection to their original states.

Written by Zach Redrup