ALBUM: Flood Of Red – Leaving Everything Behind

Release Date: October 19th, 2009
Label: Dark City
Rating: 9/10


Flood Of Red profile

Scotland’s giving the rest of the UK a run for its money when it comes to musical talent lately; Biffy Clyro, along with Paolo Nutini and Twin Atlantic have all done exceptionally well in recent years, and have highlighted that the highlands has a great alternative music scene. Another band that will undoubtedly be added onto that list is Glasgow sextet, Flood Of Red. Following the release of their debut ‘Leaving Everything Behind’, the boys are certainly heading for stardom.

The first effort from the six-piece is exceptionally good and sees the band create music that sounds like a mix of Circa Survive, Saosin, As Cities Burn and “the Biffy” themselves. Prelude ‘The Edge Of The World’ is a little deceiving and kicks off the record with a mellow and calm tone, which is soon replaced by rowdy guitars in ‘The Harmony’ which follows after. This track proves to be one of the heavier songs on the album and will most likely be the one that you remember. Perhaps even more memorable is Jordan Spiers‘ vocals, the 21-year-old has a voice way beyond his years and effortlessly manages to move from quiet to loud tones to showcase his range. Songs such as ‘I Will Not Change’ and ‘The Heartless And The Loving’ are great examples of this.

Flood Of Red as a whole seem to have this knowledge and understanding of music that artists twice their age are yet to discover. When listening to the record it’s hard to believe that the boys are just out of their teenage years. Every song on this album has been crafted and composed with such precision that they could all quite easily be released as singles. Tracks like ‘A Place Before The End’ and ‘Little Lovers’ wouldn’t go amiss in the UK rock charts.

Considering that the sextet were once described as post-hardcore for their early demos is proof that this band have come a long way since then. It’s hard to fit Flood Of Red into just one genre, the group are constantly flirting with different sounds including indie rock, progressive and experimental rock as well as electronica. Regardless of what genre they end up being put into, their music work. It’s extremely creative and is a breath of fresh air in a scene overcrowded with clones.

‘Leaving Everything Behind’ is a superb debut from the Scottish sextet, and in all honesty leaves you gagging for more. If the phrase “things get better with age” is anything to go by then we are certainly in for a treat with Flood Of Red‘s future releases.

Written by Kate Rees