ALBUM: Fit For An Autopsy – Absolute Hope Absolute Hell

Release Date: October 2nd 2015
Label: eOne/Good Fight Music


Fit For An Autopsy‘s third outing ‘Absolute Hope Absolute Hell’ is a considerable leap above their previous two records, and while the bulk of the album leans on cliches of the deathcore genre, it still has components to make a decent slab of heavy music.

The band have shown hints of interesting songwriting since their debut, ‘The Process Of Human Extermination’, but ‘Absolute Hope Absolute Hell’ captures a more accessible brutality that’s been seen in one of the genre’s newest heroes Thy Art Is Murder. In fact, if you’ve just gotten into TAIM then this record is the next logical step (before checking out deathcore landmark ‘This Is Exile’ by Whitechapel, if for some reason you haven’t already).

The problem with this release is that anyone who’s well versed in the mix of death metal and hardcore will have heard a lot of this before. The opening title-track sounds like it could’ve come from Thy Art‘s last two albums, and the abundance of stopping the music just to shout something before a breakdown feels as overdone as a crispy steak, and similarly it’s just as unsatisfying, though still tolerable. At no point do the vocals of new singer Joe Badolato jump out at you as anything amazing either. The lyrics scream genericore; “You can have this world, it’s a piece of shit”. Oh, you’re insulting all of humanity are you? Haven’t heard that before, mate.

This album’s strong points come after the dull first track, when the guitars suddenly get a lot more interesting (which they bloody should be considering there’s three ax-emen in this band). Tracks like ‘Wither’ have some great use of discord, tasty licks, and math influences thrown in, making the whole thing much more exciting to listen to. When the guitar is good enough to take away from the dull vocals and lyrics is when this album shines, but you shouldn’t have to distract from lazy song writing in order to grab attention.

Written by Jack King (@Jackingy)