ALBUM: Finntroll – Bloodsvept

Release Date: March 25th, 2013
Label: EMI
Website: None available


Folk metal is one of those niche black-metal sub genres that’s gained a cult following. The genre is usually ignored or not taken seriously by a lot of metal fans and the media, even though there are quite a few folk-metal gems out there. Finland’s own Finntroll have produced one of those gems with their sixth album, ‘Blodsvept’.

The album hits you hard with bonkers riffs and hooks provided by the band’s huge arsenal of folk samples and instruments. It’s like hearing Dimmu Borgir‘s huge riffs played by Korpiklanni‘s line-up. Each insane new moment of shredding combined with the folk keyboards is more welcomed than the last. The album has the atmosphere and heritage of bands like Eluveitie and combines it with the fun and mind-fuckery of artists like Devin Townsend.

It’s the excellent chemistry created whilst mixing two opposing genres like black metal and folk that make this sound so insane. Whilst folk metal has been around for a while, it has never been this fun. Songs like ‘När Jättar Marschera’ will make you smile and bang your head simultaneously, simply because of bat-shit insane it all is.

For all you J.R.R. Tolkien fans: if Radagast The Brown was a metal head, Finntroll would be his favourite band. I say this because when you listen to the record, you can imagine these crazy wild lands and forests much like those of Middle Earth. This is due to the album’s amazing atmosphere, evident from the start of the album as you hear the sound of a huge creature’s roar. The fact that Mathias “Verth” Lillmäs doesn’t spit a single English word with his vicious vocals makes the record feel even more other-worldly.

Many people will ignore this album due to the fact they think folk metal is silly and gimmicky, however, put simply it’s their loss. Whilst this album may be taken less seriously than others, it’s truly one of the most fun and enjoyable albums that you’ll hear this year.

Written by Jack King