ALBUM: Fighting With Wire – Colonel Blood

Release Date: September 25th, 2012
Label: Xtra Mile Recordings


It’d be too easy to just compare Fighting With Wire to bands like Nirvana, Foo Fighters or even Weezer. So, the best thing to do is stay well clear of that and just think of ‘Colonel Blood’ on its own terms and, therefore, the first thing to say is that it’s a spirited and captivating rock album.

As soon as the record starts, it’s easy to understand why this band are so likeable. They marry gritty yet melodic vocals, explosive guitars and a fistful of pure attitude. It’s great to hear a band doing this sort of thing as there never feels like there’s many 3-piece no nonsense rock bands around anymore.

Fighting With Wire definitely have an American sound and they’re all the better for it, considering this record was recorded in Nashville you can seriously feel the US influence that’s rubbed off on ‘Colonel Blood’. It’s also a record which feels effortless and without contrivance, if a song like ‘Didn’t Wanna Come Back Home’ had been done by some other English band like Feeder or of the indie ilk it would have sounded terribly naff, but done by these guys it’s a triumph of sorts.

First and foremost, Fighting With Wire are a guitar band and within every inch of this album the guitars scream and wretch through the speakers as the fantastic vocals fire over the top of them. This record makes you wish there were more bands doing this type of thing, but unfortunately the 90s have been and gone and this type of music simply gets shunned. Just look at Ash, right?

The highlights from the record are songs like ferocious opener ‘Waiting On A Way To Believe’ and the anthem-like ‘Plug Me In’, but there aren’t really any terrible songs to speak of. The only negative about the record is that the tone of it does get a little repetitive and there could have been some slight variation with song arrangement to mix it up a little.

Overall, ‘Colonel Blood’ is more than just a great trip down memory lane to remind yourself of all the 90s rock bands you used to like. It’s actually a really captivating record which has tons of replay value and a great deal of substance, something which a lot of bands could take note of.

Written by Greg Spencer

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