ALBUM: Fearless Vampire Killers – Unbreakable Hearts

Release Date: November 3rd, 2014
Label: Goremount Records


Fearless Vampire Killers have always approached music with the attitude that if you act like a big band, you will become one. The theatrical make-up and dramatically over-the-top music mimics American bands that have found success on a similar ethos, like Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance. However, the Suffolk band fail to reach the heights of imagination that their counterparts purvey and struggle to convince at the same level without the budget.

‘Unbreakable Hearts’ sees the band continue their attempt to reach the top with their second full-length, but fall short once again on substance and creativity. The key error throughout the album isn’t the gimmick of FVK, but more so the way that they act upon it. There isn’t enough passion or excitement in the songs to fully translate their ideas across to the listener and it ends up as a damp unimpressive nothing.

‘Our Nature’s Unnatural’ is so lacklustre it sounds like they didn’t even want to include it so put no effort into the track, while ‘Taste The Iron On Your Lips’ takes the role of a dull ballad, which is particularly disappointing as ‘Brave The Night’ is far better and finally shows off what great vocals Laurence Beveridge and Kier Kemp can muster up between them.

FVK, however, do prove that they can write a catchy chorus now they’re into their sophomore album. Both ‘Batten Down The Hatches’ and ‘Neon In The Dance Halls’ should’ve been bumped up the tracklisting in place of ‘Turn Your Heaven To A Tomb’, even if it throws off the collective imagery sections the album is segmented into.

‘Unbreakable Hearts’ would’ve worked more smoothly with six or seven songs left on the recording studio floor. This never ending album is meant for huge bands who know that they can keep the attention of their audience for 17 tracks and still have them wanting more, not for a band this early in their career.

Fearless Vampire Killers need to let their fans catch up with them and concentrate on throwing themselves into their music and lifestyle to progress themselves, and postpone social networks and rock operas for the time being. Quality is better than quantity, and the quicker they learn this, the further they’ll get.

Written by Michael Heath (@MikeBeef)

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