ALBUM: Fathoms – Lives Lived

Release Date: March 2nd 2015
Label: Artery Recordings / Ghost Music
Website: None available


Brighton five-piece Fathoms unleash their hategroove on the world with this hard-hitting sucker punch of a record that mixes harsh hardcore and catchy clean segments. Light and lifting singalong segments like those found in ‘Sleeping, Dreaming’ bring clarity and direction in the vicious throng of groove-heavy breakdowns and clamorous drums.

Inhale/exhale showcases a fluid and melodic side to ‘Lives Lived’, a calming respite from the onslaught of hardcore antics that are bound to whip crowds into a violent frenzy. ‘Spite’, on the other hand, is exactly as its name suggests, overflowing with musical venom, colossally heavy and spitting bile at every turn.

Prog and djent influences are apparent on the juddering intro of album closer, ‘Hell’, with Meshuggah-like riffs bursting forth around the commanding chorus.

If there’s one track that epitomises the whole album, it would have to be opening track, ‘Hate Resonates’. Seething with unrequited rage, this is an anthem for the oppressed, “We’ll be the hope of the hopeless / We’ll be the heart of this heartless one.”

There may be a lot of metalcore and hardcore bands out there with a similar sound, but Fathoms are on par with the top tier, dedicated and driven, creating truly raw and compelling music. ‘Lives Lived’ is an expression of pure vitriol, unleashed in a potent sonic package. These guys are a fierce and determined band who are making their mark with this forceful LP.

Written by Ben Hammond