ALBUM: Fallujah – Dreamless

Release Date: April 29th 2016
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Website: N/A


Amidst a contemporary death metal scene which is either preoccupied with the arcane values of the old school or hyper-technical, Pro-Tooled conformity, bands as adventurous and distinctive as Fallujah are bound to turn heads.

Fluidly drifting between sublime musicianship and adrenalised savagery, the shape-shifting sprawl of ‘Dreamless’ is a futuristic triumph. Indeed, occasionally calling to mind the artful violence of later day Death, songs such as ‘Abandon’ and the instrumental title track are as cohesive and refined as they are elaborate, spilling over with space-age atmosphere and touches of melodic ingenuity, whilst the likes of ‘The Void Alone’ are perhaps the best example of the bands destructive power and instrumental wizardry (think if Steve Vai teamed up with Decapitated, with a dollop of beauteous clean vocals).

Some may scoff at the bands willingness to indulge in the staple traits of the progressive metal playbook, yet even a cursuory listen to ‘Dreamless’ reveals a boldly dynamic and ambitious piece of work, technicolour arrangements and towering prog majesty colliding with the fearsome metallic rush of heads-down extremity. Sumptuous and expansive, Fallujah are questing to move metal forward with twice the creativity and imagination of their peers.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)