ALBUM: Falling In Reverse – Just Like You

Release Date: February 24th 2015
Label: Epitaph Records


With Ronnie Radke‘s wildly confused vision scaling new peaks of laugh-ability on sophomore turkey ‘Fashionably Late’, there remains a certain morbid curiousity with Falling In Reverse. The band’s brazen attempts at aggravating “haterz” worth a cursory glance if just to confirm their detestability, or even for a quick laugh.

Of course, for them this is just fuel for the engine, yet what sees third full-length ‘Just Like You’ unquestionably as the band’s finest work to date is a noticeable divide between genuinely stonking post-hardcore cuts and frivolous nonsense, allowing us a glimpse into just how good the Las Vegas five-piece can be.

Indeed, tracks such as opening gambit ‘Chemical Love’ suggest a band on scintillating form, the likes of which many would think beyond Falling In Reverse. All stadium-sized sing-along bluster, there’s a refined melodic suss to be found throughout the record (‘God, If You Are Above…’) which eliminates a great deal of the aimless, genre hopping baloney and instead sets out its stall with an impressive array of sky-scraping hooks.

Couple this with some legitimately eye-popping metallic might scattered here and there (‘Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)’ and ‘Die For You’ are big, blood-stained metalcore hammer blows), and there’s a lot to love about ‘Just Like You’.

Sadly, however, the band haven’t completely learnt their lesson just yet. ‘Get Me Out’ delivers ‘Bad Girls Club’ levels of odious pop horror, and a bottom-of-the-barrel ‘Wait And See’ darts so frantically between styles, from faux hip-hop, hardcore stomp, tired electronics, that we’re quickly reminded that, with their streak of obnoxious antagonism looking too deeply rooted to ever be stamped out, perhaps our enjoyment of Falling In Reverse can only ever go so far.

As it is, however, ‘Just Like You’ hits so much more than its misses, the songwriting pedigree of the highs offsetting the devastating lows, and making for a largely, and surprisingly, listenable album. It even paints ringleader Radke in a somewhat positive light.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)

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