ALBUM: Everything Burns – Take Your Aim

Release Date: May 20th, 2013
Label: Meshhead


Cornwall five-piece Everything Burns have probably had their ups and downs as a band. Since being signed by Rising Records in 2008, they were subsequently dropped two years later and had to promote their début album while financing the two videos from that release themselves. Now with a new label, the band are back with the dreaded second album and fortunately it’s a seriously melodic and exciting metal album that possibly indicates that they’ve got big things ahead.

If you take the lead single from this record ‘Ghosts & Angels’, it’s an example of how brilliantly melodic this band can be. The chorus is as catchy as any metal song out there right now. The light choruses fit perfectly with the heavier vocals and the sumptuous guitar solo that speeds in like a freight train. It’s the same with the title-track of the album, the genuinely simmering vocals remind you of bands like Story Of The Year that’s an indicator how the level of quality with these songs.

Sure, the lyrics on a song like ‘Battlefields’ show that the band are still developing in terms of lyrical content and style. It’s a small niggle though, because the album glides along and makes you wonder how this band aren’t bigger or more popular than they are currently. It seems like this band are doing it their way, not following any trends when it comes to their style and that’s extremely refreshing and stops the music from being generic or lumped in with all the other metal bands out there.

Overall, ‘Take Your Aim’ is an album with a lot to offer in terms of genuine melody, hard hitting guitars and a heavy sensibility. If you’re a fan of any kind of metal, it’s a record that is easily worth you’re undivided attention.

Written by Greg Spencer