ALBUM: Everyone Dies In Utah – Neutral Ground

Release Date: November 19th, 2013
Label: Tragic Hero Records
Website: None available


Three full-length records into a band’s career, the expectation is for a certain amount of conviction and individuality to take center stage, marking not only songwriting growth but a know how in playing to established strengths. It perhaps says much therefore for Everyone Dies In Utah‘s sensibility that ‘Neutral Ground’ spectacularly fails to tick a solitary box, theirs a sound too concerned in reveling in cliches and genre norms to muster even a speck of electricity.

Unforgivably formulaic and pedaling the listless blueprint of faux aggression, irrelevant electronica and choir boy chorus hooks, singling out highlights here is something of a chore as nothing proves to hit home with any degree of impact. ‘Item No. 9’ is an uneventful lesson in underweight breakdowns and forgettable melody, ‘Nimbus’ takes an unforgivably feeble stab at pop-punk merriment and ‘Infinity & Beyond’ (although beginning with a sledgehammer groove) dissolves any momentum with a wretchedly languid clean refrain.

‘Neutral Ground’ is the very definition of cookie cutter mediocrity. Leaden and perfunctory, it’s somewhat staggering that given the wealth of talent delivering what is infinitely more innovative and more importantly exciting music in a scene ripe for modification, Everyone Dies In Utah not only cling to there stagnant banality, but also continue to garner expanding popularity. As it is, ‘Neutral Ground’ isn’t worth your time.

Written by Tony Bliss

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