ALBUM: Evarose – Invisible Monsters

Release Date: June 24th 2016
Label: Unsigned


There’s an unfortunate reality on the rock music scene that a disappointing amount of people that will chime in with opinions like “Oh, I quite like them, for a girl band”. Yup, let that sink in. Once that’s done, look into established alt rock band Evarose, whose best quality is their ability to churn out several solid rock tracks over two EPs, and now releasing their debut album, ‘Invisible Monsters’, which serves to continue their reputation as a solid UK quartet

Kicking off is lead track ‘Routes’, with an infectious chorus that grabs everyone’s attention before second single ‘Glitch’ takes centre stage. It’s a single that contains the tenacity of future tracks ‘Cause And The Cure’ and initial release ‘Provoke Me’. Comfortably interrupting the flow of the record is interlude ‘Breathing Space’, which maintains a low key atmosphere, but leads nicely into the mellowest track on the album, ‘Boys & Girls’.

Front woman Dannika Webber always keeps center stage with huge vocal performances on the lyrically poignant ‘I’m Sorry’ and ‘Quicksand’, but secondary vocalist Imogen Leslie delivers some fantastic and painfully underused harmonies on atmospheric number ‘The Fall’ and penultimate track ‘I Know You Know’. This serves as the only disappointing aspect of the record, as the two have always worked flawlessly together on previous releases, yet the vocal harmonies are few and far between on ‘Invisible Monsters’.

Anybody who is one of the narrow minded folk previously mentioned should give this album a run through, because Evarose have worked hard establishing themselves as a popular rock band and deserve to be treated as such, especially now with a full-length record under their belts. They can only move to bigger and better things

Written by Jon Barlow (@Narlow1)