ALBUM: Escape The Fate – Hate Me

Release Date: October 30th 2015
Label: Eleven Seven Records


Between its pristine, pre-packaged production and cloying pop metal froth, ‘Hate Me’, the fifth full-length effort from metalcore poster boys Escape The Fate, is an unforgivably formulaic lesson in bubblegum banality and faux aggression.

Five records into a band’s career, the expectation is for a certain amount of conviction and individuality to take center stage, marking not only songwriting growth, but a know how in playing to established strengths. It perhaps says much therefore that ‘Hate Me’ spectacularly fails to tick a solitary box; the likes of ‘Remember Every Scar’ and ‘Breaking Me Down’ littered with forgettable melodies and revolving door song structure.

Indeed, the entirety of the album is too concerned in reveling in cliches and genre norms to muster even a speck of electricity, the fizzy metallic stomp of ‘Les Enfant Terribles (The Terrible Children)’ (because we are too stupid to not have that spelt out for us, eh?) sounding laughably tacked on.

There is little doubt that ‘Hate Me’ will sell by the truckload, yet there is little escaping the fact that Escape The Fate sound utterly spent of ideas, and happy to drudge through their colourless landscape of radio-friendly mush ad nauseum. A drab affair.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)