ALBUM: Escape The Fate – Escape The Fate

Release Date: November 2nd, 2010
Label: DGC/Interscope


It’s been a rocky little road that Escape The Fate have unfortunately destiny has had them take. After the release of debut ‘Dying Is Your Latest Fashion’, original vocalist Ronnie Radke was imprisoned due to several severe charges, and latest recruit and ex-blessthefall vocalist Craig Mabbitt, though a fitting replacement, sounded a little awkward with 2008’s ‘This War Is Ours’, and ultimately left the band sounding like they’re still yet to find their comfort zone.

With their self-titled third album, the Las Vegas hailing 4-piece are definitely sounding much better in their own skin. Though far from original or innovativing, ‘Escape The Fate’ is many steps forward from the previous record, and could be the record that gives them their first few steps into proper success within their scene. The ever cliché scream verses and sung choruses is a common theme throughout the 10-track record, seen in efforts such as first proper track ‘Massacre’ and ‘Day Of Reckoning’. There’s many bands following the same technique and pulling it off much stronger, but at the same time they conduct the practice more than well enough themselves.

The biggest stand-out features of the record is its variety compared to the album’s past efforts, showing no fear to try and experiment and keep things fresh, along with the axe work of Bryan “Monte” Money and the ever loved vocals of Craig Mabbitt. Monte sticks out as one of the scene’s stronger guitarists on lead single ‘Issues’ and the awesome solo in closer ‘The Aftermath (The Gulliotine, Part III)’, and Craig displays his vocals at their best they’ve ever been track-after-track.

Far from perfection, but definitely a noticable improvement from anything they’ve done before. This self-titled album could well be the one that sets Escape The Fate forward more so than many of their peers.

Written by Zach Redrup