ALBUM: ERRA – Impulse

Release Date: November 30th, 2011
Label: Tragic Hero Records
Website: None available


ERRA are a band who have definitely re-invented themselves in previous years; a name change, a slight genre and style change, and after the release of 2010 EP ‘Andromeda’, which was particularly well received, they have an awful lot to live up to.

‘Impulse’ is definitely an album which will please fans of ERRA. Right from the get go, opener ‘White Noise’Pierce The Veil-esque clean vocals. This is exactly what you can expect for the entirety of this album, so if you’re not a fan, then you might not want to listen. ‘Architect’ has one of the most brilliantly intricate metal riffs you’ll here post 1980s, however, it does tend to verge on mathcore at points. The screaming vocals are pretty brilliant on ‘Architect’, and it’s probably the stand out of the album, as it tends to have very minimal, but effective clean vocals – whereas they tend to sound forced in at other points throughout the album.

‘Obscure Words’ is definitely the other highlight track on ‘Impulse’, and yet again, the clean vocals are kept to a minimum, whereas we have some of the heaviest riffs you’re likely to hear, complimented by a killer drum-beat. The screaming vocals are ridiculously consistent, and pretty impossible to dislike.

‘Impulse’ is definitely an album for ERRA fans and guitar enthusiasts, otherwise it is definitely going to be a bit hit and miss, as are most bands who pair extremely contrasting vocals. The main criticism on this album is that the clean vocals sound very over-produced, sometimes verging on sounding auto-tuned, and just a notch away from being similar to those of the dreaded Design The Skyline. While this album would sound so much better with less, or even just slightly more subtle cleans, ERRA just about get away with it.

Written by Gary Cassidy

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