ALBUM: Entombed A.D. – Dead Dawn

Release Date: February 26th 2016
Label: Century Media Records
Website: None available


Swedish outfit Entombed (A.D.) are a legendary death metal band that have a history steeped in controversy. With a very public break-up back in 2014, the band have gone on to make history in their new guise Entombed A.D.. Due to this, ‘Dead Dawn’ will only be the band’s second album, yet it draws a historical admittance for the past and history of the band and its members.

What is most noticeable is the death ‘n’ roll genre the original group helped create is back in droves on this new effort. Tracks such as lead single ‘Midas In Reverse’ show the groove laden creativity of the band whilst laying waste to any thought that their quality may have died when the original line-up broke up. Thankfully, however, the album offers so much more, than just this one prototype guise for the band.

‘Total Death’ is one such example with the incredible teutonic thrash sound playing strong throughout the track itself. The speed in which drummer Olle Dahlstedt and guitarist Nico Elgstrand play off of each other within the context of the song itself, gives the track a highly enjoyable pace. One that sounds like it is made to play live, the track rips through the speakers and goes full speed ahead. Creative, innovative, and technically proficient, the track works perfectly within the context of the album.

The repeating of riffs on the track ‘As The World Fell’ works perfectly, with strong bass lines played by Victor Brandt. Wonderfully haunting and repetitive in the way this is constructed, it leads the track to give what feels like an epic conclusion to the song itself. What is noticeable, however, is the fact that this track works at the end of the album much better.

The technique and proficiency on these tracks works perfectly. However, the tracklisting itself could be changed. The likes of ‘As The World Fell’ and ‘Total Death’ sound amazing to listen to, but could work better at the end of the album. However, this is changeable on the digital edition, and it can be highly encouraged. Other than this factor, however, the tracks work perfectly for anyone that is either a fan of death metal or rock ‘n’ roll, and ‘Dead Dawn’ is an album which delivers what it promises to, efficiently and beautifully.

Written by Bradley Cassidy (@bradcassidy170)