ALBUM: Entombed A.D. – Back To The Front

Release Date: August 4th, 2014
Label: Century Media Records
Website: None available


It would be an insult to the former members of Scandinavian death metal pioneers Entombed to call this album a full on return, which makes the added ‘A.D.’ to the name appropriate. But, it has to be said that Entombed A.D. is the next best thing, saying it isn’t would be a injustice to this new (kind of) line-up’s excellent result, titled ‘Back To The Front’.

Opener ‘Kill To Live’ basically picks up where Entombed A.D.‘s exploration of raw death metal, or sometimes labeled “death ‘n’ roll”, left off. Straight away we hear the simplistic yet legendary songwriting over the signature deathly groove. Their definitive Swedish death metal sound (so like Dismember, but with slightly more intelligent songs) is back in full flourish, with tunes like ‘Bedlam Attack’, ‘Second To None’, and the devastating ‘Pandemic Rage’. The Scandinavian sound is back with its heavy and raw grooves, and the hooks that most don’t normally associate with death metal.

This line-up, which is basically made up of members who briefly worked with Entombed and original singer LG Petrov, do a great job at capturing a ‘To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth’ tone mixed with the debut ‘Left Hand Path’‘s sinister feel. Petrov‘s deep gutturals are a joy to hear again.

It’s a shame that the release of this album is somewhat overshadowed by the drama of the name change and line-up differences. If we think of Entombed A.D. as the next best thing to a full on reunion and take the album for what it is – a cracking piece of death metal – you realise that ‘Back To The Front’ should be a much more hyped album. It’s an exciting time for old school death metal. It may be another incarnation, but Entombed have risen again.

Written by Jack King (@Jackingy)