ALBUM: Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep

Release Date: January 19th, 2015
Label: Ambush Reality


Alongside the likes of You Me At Six and Bring Me The Horizon, Enter Shikari have cemented their status as one of the biggest and most important British bands on the alternative scene as they fly the metaphorical flag in the public media as rock royalty. Their politics have shined through their music in more recent years, but it’s the creativity within their electronic/rock mashup that really steps up their musical excitement as an unpredictable force. ‘The Mindsweep’ is once more a joy of experimental genre clashes with a big old dose of not giving a fuck.

Shikari essentially have no right to be on the radio with their brand of music. How could they possibly be played between your crowd pleasing generic house music and American pop music to people on their daily commute? Breaking the mould (thankfully) as and when they please, both ‘The Last Garrison’ and ‘Anaesthetist’ have received regular airplay as a lead up to the album’s release, with the former having a ridiculously catchy clean chorus for the heart warmers but still hitting the heights of aggression when needed.

‘Anaesthetist’, however, is a trip down a pathway to intrigue for one of the most interesting and best songs in the band’s catalogue. Rou Reynolds delivers an array of vocal approaches throughout, including the already infamous “You fucking spanner!” line that has become an immediately iconic career milestone for the band, and highlights everything that makes this band so great. The spotlight the single has received is a truly remarkable feat for a song so radio and user unfriendly, and personifies Shikari and their deserved achievements to a T.

However, ‘The Mindsweep’ isn’t just singles and filler material like a lot of bands produce at this stage in their career. ‘Torn Apart’ uses the electronic side of their style to full effect, ‘Dear Future Historians…’ is a surprisingly impressive piano led ballad that is successfully pulled off, and ‘There’s A Price On Your Head’ is a manic overly British frenzy which only this band would even date to attempt.

The true gem of ‘Never Let Go Of The Microscope’ holds the key to the rap locker of Shikari, with a passion that seeks change in the world for the better. The attitude of Rou‘s lyrics directs this band to greatness, and they’re quickly tightening every aspect of their crazy sound to produce unique music. ‘The Mindsweep’ is just another triumph to add to the collection as they continue holding their position at the top of the ladder.

Written by Michael Heath (@MikeBeef)